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Film by Stefan Laxness and Graham Baldwin, original score by Daniel Laxness, 2017.


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'PROSPECTS OF LOVE' frames the anxiety and cultural ambiguity which surrounds the Antarctic continent through a radical contemporary domestic context using the narrative format of a 'telenovela' – removing it from the explicit science and political medias that frame it now. Prospects of Love looks at the Antarctic continent as a potential flashpoint for conflict over mineral and biological resources, in light of the expiration of the Antarctic Treaty System in 2048, weighing the risks and benefits of opening up the region to exploitation in response to current and future issues.


Set in Miami, the plot revolves around two lovers: Maria Bellinghaussen, an environmental activist and Arturo Prat, a young successful Bio-prospector. Their love, however, is impossible because of ideological differences and by the fact that Maria's father, Klaus Bellinghaussen is Arturo's arch nemesis in the field of Bio-prospecting, the plot thickens...


Prospects of Love was produced for the first Antarctic Biennale 2017 and exhibited in the Antarctic Pavilion as part of the 57th Venice Biennale.

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