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PANTOPIA: An online educational accelerator powered by spatial thinkers.

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Pantopia is an online educational accelerator powered by spatial thinkers. We expose territorial and institutional crises through spatial diagnostics and architectural proposals.

Pantopia argues for the urgent necessity to harvest architect’s capacity to reveal latent conditions of crises through spatial evidence and to deliver cutting edge diagnostics of our built environment. As an educational accelerator, Pantopia presents multi scaled design strategies which advocate for territorial transformation and institutional adjustment.  


From demographic changes, land abandonment in Europe, to our urgent collective responsibility to transition our fossil fuelled economies, Pantopia examines the latent potential of these near-future trends to propose spatial strategies which mediate between territory institutions and citizens. 


By acknowledging that these changes may have far reaching consequences on how we live and occupy space, Pantopia requires the architectural proposal to become a device for discussing notions of citizen engagement, representation and participation; and a framework capable of producing collateral benefits from these future challenges.

Pantopia co-founded and curated by Stefan Laxness and Antoine Vaxelaire.

instagram: @pantopiaxyz

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